Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cover from Venezuela

I'm thrilled to receive the above cover today, being my first cover from Venezuela. It is rare for me to receive covers from South America, Central America or Africa continents. So all covers from countries of these continents are welcomed :-)

This cover was sent from Valencia, Venezuela on 15 Mar 2010, and it took almost 2 months to arrive here. Thank God that it arrived. It is better late than never to receive it. Muchas gracias, Eduardo :-)

There are 2 stamps on the cover. I did not get much info about the stamp on the right, only knew that it was issued in 1983, from the stamp itself. The stamp on the left was issued in 2006, from Children's painting on Francisco de Miranda - a Venezuelan revolutionary who successfully liberated a vast portion of South America during the Spanish American wars of independence. The complete set of 10 stamps is shown on the stamp sheet below.

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