Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cover from the States

The above cover was sent by member from Cover Collectors Circuit Club (CCCC). Thanks, Richard L. Beecher from Blaine, State of Washington :-)
The 2 stamps on the right, with face value 29 cents each was issued in 1993 (on Circus) in a set of 4 stamps, as shown below whereas the other 40 cents stamp was issued 1999 (on Rio Grande) with single stamp in a set.
The Rio Grande (known as Río Bravo del Norte or Río Bravo, in Mexico) is a river that forms part of the border between the United States and Mexico. At 1,885 miles (3,034 km) long, it serves as a natural boundary along the border between the American state of Texas and Mexico.

Richard had also attached the cover of newsletters as shown below, with New Year Greeting from Renate Thompson (Managing & Membership Director of CCCC, Email: and write-up on Antverpia 2010 by Holger. For those of you who are keen on becoming CCCC member, you may like to contact Renate.

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