Friday, July 1, 2011

125 years of 'Molli' Narrow-gauge Railway stamp from Germany ...

The German Post has issued a stamp commemorating the 125th anniversary of the first narrow-gauge railway, which has got an affectionate name Molli.
The Molli is a narrow-gauge steam-powered railway in Mecklenburg, running on 900 mm gauge track. It operates between Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kuhlungsborn West over a total distance of 15.4 km with a running time of 40 minutes. Within Bad Doberan the line runs through the street, and later along a linden tree-lined avenue. Between Heiligendamm and Kuhlungsborn the tracks run parallel to the Baltic Sea beach across fields.

The first Molli appeared in 1886 and it became the oldest narrow gauge railway on the Baltic coast. Molli is in road every hour in summer and every two hours in winter - transporting half a million passengers annually.

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