Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first cover from El Salvador ...

Many thanks William Guillermo Romero for this nice archeological cover, featuring archeological sites in El Salvador ;-))) This cover took 25 days to reach Singapore.

From top L - R :

1. Joya de Cerén - a pre-Columbian Maya farming village preserved remarkably intact under layers of volcanic ash

2. Tazumal - a Pre-Columbian Maya archeological site in Chalchuapa, El Salvador. Tazumal means, "the place where the victims were burned," in K'iche'.

3. San Andrés - a pre-Hispanic site of El Salvador. Between 600 and 900 AD, San Andrés was the capital of a Mayan lordship with supremacy over the other establishments of Vale de Zapotitán.

4. Statue of Terracota in Chalchuapa

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