Friday, October 15, 2010

Centenary of Republic of Portugal (1910-2010) ...

Many thanks Luis for another nice registered cover, sent on Oct 1st, the first day of Portugal 2010 World Philatelic Exhibition, with motto of "Dia de Portugal" (Day of Portugal) ;-)))

The cover was franked with
a. 3 stamps of the Assembly of the Republic ("Assembleia da República"),
b. Ceres - 100 years of the Republic ("100 anos da República"),
c. Women of the Republic ("Mulheres da República", issued on Oct 5, 2009) -
Ana de Castro Osório (1872 - 1935), a writer, specially in the power of childlike literature, educationalist, feminist and republican Portuguese activist, and
d. Nice and clear "Portugal 2010" datestamp.

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