Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cover from Germany ...

A big *thank you* to Igor for this very nice registered cover and stamps ;-)))

The topic for this year's "Für die Jugend" (for the Youth) is on German Steamers, featuring

45 + 20 : The Deutschland, attained in 1900 on her spinster journey from Cuxhaven to New York, crossing the North Atlantic
55 + 25 : The Imperator, the largest passenger ship during 1912 launch
55 + 25 : The Aller, belonged to steamers of river class and was used in the North Atlantic traffic. It was built in 1886 in Scottish Glasgow and was the first steel ship of a Bremen shipping company.
145 + 55 : The Columbus, the largest and fastest ocean liner during 1924 launch and made her maiden voyage from from Bremerhaven to New York.

EUR 0,70 : 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa's birth

EUR 0,55 : 75th anniversary of Record Flying by Elly Beinhorn

EUR 1,70 : Frankfurt Book Fair with Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentinian writer as guest of honour

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  1. great cover