Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youth Olympic Games - Slogan Postmarks

Slogan postmarks (6 designs) are used at 3 CFC machines and 1 FC machine from 19 July till 30 Sept (both days inclusive). Since these postmarks are implemented on 4 machines, more than 90% of the mails sent during this period will have the slogan postmarks.

CFC1 (C1) - Merly Swimming (Merly's favourite sport)

CFC1 (C1) - Mascots

CFC2 (C2) - Emblem

CFC2 (C2) - Basketball (Lyo's favourite sport)

CFC3 (C3) - Fencing

CFC3 (C3) - WCV ("World Culture Village")

FC (C4) - Mascots

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