Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bunga-Bungaan Taman - Tarif Baru

Effective from 1st July, the postage rate for domestic mails in Malaysia (only domestic!) will be increased. Standard mail up to 20gram will now require a postage of RM0.60, from the previous RM0.30, an increase of 100%.
In conjunction with the new tariff, POS Malaysia issues a new "National" Definitive Series today, by modifying the previous "State" Definitive Series - Garden Flowers (Bunga-Bungaan Taman, in Malay) and introducing 2 additional flowers (i.e RM1 - Bunga Tasbih, RM2 - Bunga Alamanda). Strangely, POS Malaysia does not provide any pamphlet for the First Day Cover of this issue, as it normally does for other issues.
Check out other Malaysia stamp issues by clicking the LABELS of "2010 Malaysia Stamp Issue" on your right, below.

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