Friday, July 23, 2010

Another cover from Cyprus ...

Thanks Nasia for the 3rd cover from Cyprus ;-)))

It was franked with a rabbit stamp from the March issue of "Farm Animal" and a refugee stamp reprinted in 2010. This time the cancellation is clearer, with the wordings of "Latsia Sorting Center - Cyprus". The cancellation was done by roller datestamp, which rolled at an angle with respect to the stamps. The cover was sent on 5 July and took a lengthy 17 days to reach Singapore, as compared to 7 and 9 days for previous mails.

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  1. Cool!

    My husband makes his own cachet covers with Cyprus stamps and we have some of these on our website.

    You can see some here:

    and this one is the Official First Day Cover includes the pig, the sheep, the goat, the cow and the rabbit: