Monday, June 14, 2010

Love: Pansies in a Basket

Today i'm glad to receive another FDC from USA with love stamps. Thank you very much A.W. Welch :-))) The FDC was issued on 22 April and with first day cancellation from Kansas City, Missouri (State abbreviation: MO). My address should be "Blk 754" instead of "Blk 745" and thank God the postal staff realised this and sent to the correct mail box. The FDC was sent out by Stamp Fulfillment Centre with cardboard and covered up with plastic to protect and preserve the good condition of the FDC, very well done!

USPS began issuing its popular Love stamps in 1973. Over the years, these stamps have featured a wide variety of designs, including heart motifs, colourful flowers and the word "LOVE" itself.

The 2010 Love stamp features the image of a white woven cart filled with deep and light purple pansies and green foliage. The floral design is a detail from a watercolour created by the late Dorothy Maienschein, an employee of Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Introduced as a Mother's Day card in 1939, Hallmark reissued the design as a friendship card in 1941. Since Hallmark began tracking sales in 1942, almost 30 million cards with this pansy cart design have been purchased - more than any card in history. The word “LOVE” adorns the left side of the stamp.

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