Thursday, June 17, 2010

A cover from Nicaragua ...

Thanks Jean-Michel for the beautiful cover :-) The cover was printed with 2 parrots on the left and an owl with the wordings of "2010 ano de la Biodiversidad" (2010 Year of Biodiversity) on the right.

There are 2 postmarks on cover. One of them is the philatelic postmark (from the Philatelic window in Managua Post) whereas the other is the normal postmark of Managua Central Post Office "Tienda Palacios" because the Central Post is near of the old President Palace, actually the National Museum. Both postmarks are clear and nice. The cover was sent on 1 June and took 15 days to arrive in Singapore.

The cover was franked with 2 stamps in front and 6 stamps at the back. The 2 stamps are from the stamp set of rainforest animals with a complete set of 20 stamps. The stamps were issued in 1991 - the year that the third córdoba (córdoba oro) was introduced. The birds featured on the stamps are Amazona Parrot and Tucan. Another 6 stamps were issued in 1994 from a complete set of 12 stamps.

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