Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cover from United Nations ...

It is rare to receive a cover - not from a country, but from United Nations (UN) office.
The nice cover above was sent to me by Florian, from UN office in Vienna. Danke schön, Florian!

The two stamps on the right were from the thematic series of "Endangered Species", issued on 16 Apr 2009. The endangered species - Blue Ground Beetle and Mexican Redknee Tarantula, were featured on these stamps. Find out more info here.

The stamp on the left was from a set of 4 stamps, issued by United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA), on 28 Jan 2008. This stamp featured Johann Strauß Memorial in Stadtpark, Vienna.

Also, like to share with you the three photographs above, taken 5 years ago during my visit to UN office in Geneva, Switzerland (not Vienna). Due to security concern, we were escorted throughout the entire visit. Other areas (including the post office, not many know where the post office is) were strictly out of bound by visitors.

Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if there are covers from UN offices in my mailbox :-)

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  1. Bonjour Terence,
    great to see your picture on your blog :-)
    And congratulations for your great and useful stamp blog !!!
    Happy to have seen my Chocolate cover published on your blog !
    A très bientôt mon ami !